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LGTechNet Provides Clients with Targeted Internet Leads in Education, Health, and Finance

The Internet places a vast array of information at consumers’ fingertips, allowing them to quickly and easily browse among potential businesses. However, while this increased access can help consumers find a wide variety of service providers, by itself it will not distinguish between individuals who are just browsing and the more interested, qualified leads a … Continue reading

Online Marketing Basics, By LGTechNet

The Internet marketing landscape differs from every other medium of promotion and advertisement. With information and competition flooding the space of the online world, there are challenges associated with building and developing an online presence for an organization. Below are a few tips for engaging in effective online marketing. – Research the competition. See how … Continue reading

866MyMajor.com: An LGTechNet Higher Education Portal

Online education is quickly becoming a staple among students seeking to start a career or among professionals who do not have time to attend classes while performing a full-time job. 866MyMajor.com offers a wealth of resources on how to find accredited degrees at the high school/GED, undergraduate, and graduate levels, including MBAs and Doctorate programs. … Continue reading